Spiceworks Myanmar

  • Corporate Brand Site

    "We will plan differentiation strategies by branding in building websites of companies and products. It is also important not only to design the surface layer but also to provide a high level of satisfaction by hospitality users who build high usability sites and visit. We are committed to detail and will help you strategically branch on website."

  • E-learning and Education Projects

    "Considering UI/UX, we will develop a comfortable and continuity learning interface. In addition to usability, we differentiate it from other educational services with a sophisticated interface that is not confined to the traditional education framework."

  • Application Development

    Considering UI/UX, we will develop WEB applications and mobile applications that correspond to various devices.

  • Mobile Site

    "Build brand appealing and emotional mobile site. Spiceworks Myanmar emphasizes branding aspects also on mobile sites. We are proposing an emotional mobile site production with sophisticated design, not a conventional routine mobile site."

  • Campaign Site

    "We will develop user participation type contents linked to the server system, such as application and posting."

  • CMS Development

    "CMS is a server system that allows you to manage websites from browsers such as Internet Explorer. We will construct an operation management system of the website, realize more efficient operation and website quality assurance.In addition to original CMS, we also support website creation using platforms such as Movable Type and Word Press."

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